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How do you eat yours?

Celebrated chef and food writer Mark Hix’s favourite 5 ways with Pea Shoots...

‘Stir-fried’ in a wok

‘As they are’ in a healthy salad

‘Baked’ with fresh fish or chicken

‘Wilted’ into a risotto or pasta dish

‘Chopped’ into marinades, sauces and dressing

Here are some more suggestions!

"I eat mine... stacked generously between two slices of fresh tiger bread with thick cut Wiltshire ham and slices of boiled egg...lovely!"
Mark Arnold
M&S Commercial Manager at Vitacress Salads

"I eat mine with sundried tomatoes, roasted courgette stirred through penne pasta with olive oil and black pepper. Truly delicious!"
Briony McIntosh
Pea Shoots PR

"I mix a handful of pea shoots into a bowl with flaked smoked mackerel and a large spoonful of good quality balsamic vinegar."
Simon Conway
Sainsbury’s Commercial Manager at Vitacress Salads

"I eat mine with pickled beetroot, goats' cheese, lots of Spanish extra virgin oil and balsamic vinegar."
Ruth Amigo
Category Development Manager at Vitacress Salads

Mark Hix