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About Pea Shoots

What are Pea Shoots?

Pea Shoots are the leaves of the traditional garden pea plant. Grown on Mullens Farm in Wiltshire Pea Shoots are a quintessentially British alternative to more traditional salad leaves. Washed only in pure spring water, drawn from deep within the chalk beds of the Hampshire Downs, Pea Shoots are ready to eat or cook straight from the bag.

Vitacress Agronomist Graham Clarkson has been instrumental in growing Pea Shoots at Mullens Farm in Wiltshire. “It was essential to find the right pea plant which would grow delicate, juicy leaves that taste amazing. This was no easy task! 48 different varieties of pea plant were tested over 3 years until we were happy with the final choice.”

Pea Shoots are stocked nationwide at selected stores of Marks and Spencer (50g RRP 99p) and Sainsbury’s (50g RRP £1).

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